Traditions. Science. Art.

PleinAir is a SPA line of hair care products specially designed for people of refined taste that value the luxury of natural care.



PleinAir seeks to transcend the modern world obsession with consumption, promoting instead a lifestyle based on harmony of the body and soul. Our products are designed to nourish and lift your health and beauty, while offering you exclusive opportunities to do likewise in the spheres of self-awareness, culture and the arts. The PleinAir team promotes our brand around the world as a lifestyle attitude that allows people to become freer and find personal harmony.

Inspired by the richness of nature in the Eastern World, the PleinAir scientific lab in Switzerland has used cutting edge technology and science to develop formulae that take hair and skin care to previously unattained levels.

The energy and harmony of PleinAir

The PleinAir SPA collection combines ancient Eastern understanding of natural medicine and traditional healing techniques with the most advanced Western cosmetic science. Our formulae account for Tibetan medical traditions and modern concepts of human biorhythms.

PleinAir SPA shampoos and balms use structured glacier water infused with herbs that have been viewed for generations in the East as elixirs of life and longevity. The natural components for the PleinAir SPA products are designed to preserve natural regenerative properties, include Tibetan giant hyssop, rice, hop, aloe vera, milfoil, acacia flowers, flax, Chinese magnolia vine and arnica flowers.