Water secrets

All PleinAir shampoos and balms are based on structured glacier water.

All PleinAir shampoos and balms are based on structured glacier water, which is connected to research on water memory, the foundation of homeopathy. Water, according to this theory, possesses the molecular memory of the substances that were initially dissolved in it, and preserves all the characteristics of the initial solution, even after it no longer contains the molecules of that ingredient.

PleinAir uses water from three glacial lakes in Tibet, a place that possesses tremendous positive energy, and which is known to travelers as “the universe’s gate to happiness”. It is no coincidence that Tibet has long attracted expeditions that have sought to uncover its secrets. Locals believe that the first of the lakes PleinAir uses for its products allow organisms to reveal and marshal their natural resources. Water from the second invigorates the body; the third purifies and relaxes.

We consider this structured water to be a real life elixir of vitality and longevity, and research shows it to be similar to the structure of protoplasm in the body’s cells. It is the water from these three high mountain Tibetan lakes that give PleinAir’s SPA hair and skin care products their unique qualities.